Characterization of Brake Pads by Variation in Composition of Friction Materials


Brake pads are the most important component of an automobile braking system. It help in smooth retardation of a vehicle and finally bringing it to halt. Brake pads convert the vehicle's kinetic energy into thermal energy by friction. The effectiveness of the brakes depends completely on frictional material used, which in turn affect the performance of the brake pads. In the present investigation the brake pads were produced by varying constituents (wt%) of the existing composition and new formulations were made with other friction materials. The brake pads were manufactured using powder metallurgy technique. The manufactured brake pads were tested for coefficient of friction, wear, shear strength, hardness and micro structural analysis. The various test results were compared with the existing brake pad composition. Hard friction materials were found in brake pads wear at a lower rate but results in higher brake noise. 

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